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Lofoten and Senja – what to see in Lofoten in Norway

Lofoten is an archipelago located in the north of Norway beyond the Arctic Circle. It is famous for its beautiful fjords and spectacular bridges connecting the islands. On the way to Lofoten I also went to the island of Senja,near Tromso.

Arrival in Tromso

I went to Lofoten at the beginning of June 2019. In my opinion, it was the perfect time, just before the start of the season, which starts on June 15. A trip before the season means much less people on the trails, and at the beginning of June we can observe white nights there.

Norway is famous for its high prices. However, as the saying goes, a Pole can and even to such an expensive country we can go on a budget trip. We fly to Tromso from Gdansk on cheap flights. To make the trip go out more economically, we buy a large part of the food in Poland. Norway also has the advantage that nature there belongs to everyone and you can legally sleep “wildly” in a tent. We also miss the cost of food, accommodation and sightseeing – we go to the mountains. The only cost is car rental and fuel. We rent a car (or even 2, because the team consists of 7 people) at the airport in Tromso.

In Norway, we land after 8 p.m. The flight from Gdansk takes almost 3 hours. We take care of the formalities related to car rental and set off towards the island of Senja. Already this evening we meet with an amazing phenomenon. It’s 11 p.m. and the sun is still shining! And it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon. Driven rather by fatigue, we decide to stop at one of the parking lots in the middle of nowhere. It is an inn for trucks, where we find several tables with benches, a souvenir shop and, as it turned out in the morning, also a toilet with running water.

Senja and Segla Peak

The next day we move towards Segla. We are going to do trekking and maybe sleep somewhere near the mountain. On the way we pass an amazing nature. For me, this harsh northern nature is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen. Water ingers inland between the soaring walls of the mountains. For this green grass, trees. Everything is clean, mostly unadded by human activity. Until you want to breathe fully.

To enter Segla (639m above sea above sea) we stop at the parking lot in the town of Fjordgård. The mountain looks impregnable. Vertical walls, on one side surrounded by the sea. However, there is a fairly easy trail leading to the top, which takes about 2 hours to overcome from the parking lot.

From the top there is a beautiful view of the surrounding area. On three sides we are surrounded by the fjords of the Norwegian Sea. Around other soaring peaks. And under the legs of a 600-meter chasm. Segla makes an amazing impression and is a wonderful start to the lofoten expedition.

When we get back to the parking lot is Friday at 10 p.m. And on the way we pass people who are just starting trekking to the top! So amazing are the white nights that trips to the mountains are possible at any time of the day or night,and there is nothing like spending a weekend hiking.

After going down to the parking lot, we decide to look for a place to stay. We go to the east, where we decide to find a place by some beach or parking lot. After a few dozen minutes of driving we see a beautiful bay – Mefjordvær. An ideal place to stay. We pitch tents and admire the sun lingering above the surface of the water, although it is quite a bit after midnight. It gives everything amazing, warm colors.

We are going to Lofoten

The next day we cross Senja and go to the goal of our expedition – Lofoten. On the way, every now and then we stop and admire the views. For rest and lunch we stop in the vicinity of Narwik. In Norway, there are a lot of camping or covered places where you can spread your picnic. It starts to rain, so happily we find a place with a roof and access to water. After the meal we move towards Lofoten.

Officially, Lofoten begins from the Raftsundet Strait – we cross a wide bridge, from where we can admire the wonderful views. Not far from the bridge we will notice a well-placed viewing bench. We stop and to reach it we break through the bushes to take a few photos. From this place to the last town in Lofoten Å – by the way it is the shortest name of the city in the world – we have 186 kilometers.

We are moving south and I can’t look at the beauty of nature outside the car. Time stands still and around us only the sea and mountains. For me, it’s one of the most enjoyable moments on the road – driving with good music and admiring the views. In Lofoten, nothing of these three is missing. In the end, however, we find a roadside beach where we plan to pitch tents. Another family is camping there and fortunately warns us about the great tides during the “night”. If it weren’t for them, our tents would be swimming in the Norwegian Sea!

Lofoten – the road to Reine

The next morning we take advantage of the beautiful weather and the opportunity to bathe in the sea. Although the beach looks like the one from Thailand, the water temperature here is several degrees. I plunge into the icy sea for only a few tens of seconds.

Ahead of us is another day full of stunning views. We pass a lot of beaches – but no one bathes 😉


After a few hours of driving we reach the village of Reine located on the island. It is known for trekking to the top of Reinebringen, from which it can be seen in all its glory. This time we were not lucky and the trail to the top was being renovated. We stopped in the village for lunch and trying local delicacies.

After visiting Reine, we go to the last point in Lofoten, which we can reach by car – the town of Å. However, there is not much to see on the spot, it starts to rain and we start looking for a place to stay.

We go a bit earlier to the town of Sørvågen, where we park outside the city and sleep at the shelter and the entrance to the trekking trail.

Lofoten – trekking to Munkebu

The next morning we wake up at the entrance to the trail (the exact name in google is Tindstinden hike trailhead) and decide to check where it will lead us. There are several variants of paths there. We head for Munkebu. This is a total surprise. The views are beautiful, and there is no one there. The route runs around the lakes, on the way we have to overcome a few chains. It is certainly a less tourist trail, and worth attention due to its scenic and adventure values.

Unfortunately, the weather is getting worse and colder. A cold wind blows, there are remnants of snow. When we reach the top, it turns out that there is a hostel there – however, the keys to it could be picked up at the tourist information in Reine. Frozen, we go down to our cars – fortunately, the weather is starting to improve. And one of our colleagues, who did not go upstairs, cooked us dinner – LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

Kvalvika beach

On the same day we go to Kvalvika beach. To get to it from the parking lot we are waiting for about 2-hour trekking. The route is not difficult, but the trip with backpacks, after a full-day trekking on Munkebu, for me is quite demanding. However, all the fatigue goes away when we pass through the pass, from which there is a view of Kvalvika beach.

It is such an amazing place that it is difficult to describe it and convey it through photos. Green grass, clean sand, soaring walls of mountains, blue color of the sea. A miracle of nature. In addition, we are lucky that there are only a few people on site. When we try to set up tents, we already know why. An incredibly strong wind is blowing. I have concerns about whether he will not blow up the tents. We crush our constructions with found stones or logs of wood.

However, the view is worth it all. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. In addition, the non-setting sun, which from about 23 gives such amazing warm and intense colors. Below is a photo from the tent at 24 o’clock. If we are going to Lofoten, in my opinion Kvalvika beach should be a must-see.

Kvalvika from above – Ryten

After a few hours of sleep, we decide to go to the top of Ryten (543m above sea a.s.c.). Fortunately, the weather is improving and we have a beautiful sunny day. The summit is on the right side of the beach. We have about 500 meters of approach ahead of us, and the higher it is, the less it blows 😉

From Ryten we have a wonderful view of Kvalvika beach and the surrounding peaks. At the top you can feel like on top of the world.

Wild Norway

After wonderful moments upstairs, I go downstairs. During the descent I have a view of the beach all the time. It constantly makes an amazing impression on me. Even writing this post, after more than 1.5 years I remember how beautiful it was there and emotions awaken in me.

After reaching the beach, we roll up the tents and return to the parking lot. On the way we pass a lot of people – maybe just most do not have plans to spend the night on the beach and want to see it during the day. But thanks to this, we had it only for ourselves.

We still have 2 days left to drive over 500 kilometers and return to the airport in Tromso. We move towards Narwik. That night we stop at one of the rivers and set up camp. This is how the evening passes by the fire and the sound of water.

The next day we head north. We still want to go to Polar Park – a zoo, where you can see animals living in the north. However, it is quite far away and we accidentally stop for the night in a small village – Matsvika. It turns out that a lot of Poles live there, in the store we even notice an inscription in Polish saying: Please cover the potatoes back :). We talk to one of the residents, who points us to one of the places on the grill – Grillbu.

The cottage is located on the top of the mountain – a steep climb awaits us about 400 meters up. We go there with the intention of cooking dinner and we are enchanted. We decide to stay here. This means going back to the car and another approach, this time with luggage. This is our last night on this trip, so we will get the last of our strength.

Polar Park

On the last day we are awakened by sheep grazing around the hut.We gather and move to Polar Park. We have a flight to Polish only in the evening at 20 o’clock. Also waiting for us about an hour to the Park, and then about 3 to the airport in Tromso.

In the Park we have the opportunity to see deer, wolves, bears and reindeer walking freely. This is such a small crowning of our trip. Satisfied we go to the airport.

The trip to Lofoten lasted a week,by the way we also saw a piece of the island of Senja. Norway remains one of my favorite countries. This purity and impeccability of nature. What stuck in my mind the most were the white nights and fabulous colors at midnight. Beautiful beaches and high mountains, the walls of which fall into the sea. Travel by car on a winding road. I recommend it with all my heart!

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